Tucked within every phase of my major projects on the Sprinter, are smaller side projects that make themselves evident as I start to think more closely about the details.  Problems that still need to be solved, and issues that have been punted in the past now have to be worked through.  Decisions about wood, metal, paint, fasteners, solvents, adhesives, dimensions, tools, and coatings now need to be firmed up. Stuff needs to be bought, and measured, and cut. The physical part of the work sets in.

The details of the build are starting to emerge and choices now have to be made.  Assumptions are being tested, and ideas are refined. Test pieces, concept mockups, and models are constructed. This is the fun part of the craft. Sometimes it feels like what I imagine the conductor of an orchestra feels when she and the musicians are in sync.  It also feels like what I imagine a potter, painter, sculptor, or builder must feel as the physical presence of an idea manifests itself in front of them.

I’ve decided the fit and finish will model what I can make with my own hands, given the timing, skill, and design of the build. I’ll be selective about who to hand work to because I really want to know the van. I want to design systems I can maintain easily for myself, and in many cases designed by me.  To a lot of people it may look like a homely execution of a custom builder van.

Besides the big projects, there are a lot of small ones. A ton of them. Some are projects of opportunity. And others are projects that take a while to set in motion, so I start on those. Examples include, the rack/photography platform, insulation, dinette dimensions and construction details, fridge, sink, storage, overhead storage concept and construction details, and well, final punch list items I can’t even anticipate.

But I’m ready to start finishing projects now, not just start them. Kicking something off has its upside, believe me. But after a while, things just need to start wrapping up. I need to put some road under these wheels and the easiest way there is to finish.

Posts coming soon about wall panels, riv nuts, making sawdust, and dimensions to things.