I often have to remind people that I’m trying to fit this build into my life while having a full time job and kids to raise. I feel like it’s going so slow, at times. Other time, I feel like I’m faced with design decisions I haven’t even began to ponder yet.

The schedule is simple. We’d like to finish it by the end of September. We’re already planning a trip to Mesa Verde later in the fall, and we want to work out the kinks before then.  Since this build is not about heavy video and process documentation, I haven’t really done any advanced documentation of the build. I’ll just post some photos of the progress, and you can feel free to email me with questions.

… here’s where we left off:

Added a louder horn

The sprinter horn is wimpy. This horn had a badass sounding name, and is equally loud.

Fabricated bench seats with lids

Fabricated LED  Backlit Crown Moulding (with remote)

Burning the midnight oil


Started using it as a daily driver