Sprinter Design

I feel I should say a few things about my design. Here’s a scaled floor plan of the empty van, courtesy of Sportsmobile.

We discussed different options. Mainly variations of a platform bed and dual swivels up front that turn the seats into a dining area. Nothing really felt right. Jessie suggests that we find a variation on a read dinette design.  I immediately saw the value, putting a functional space to large and central in the van.  I came up with a solution that could convert the dinette into a bed easily, in case the kids need a nap, for example. I also realized there would be a day mode, and a night mode to the design.  In day mode, the dinette would be the hub of activity. It would also be a place for meal prep, writing postcards, coloring books, and the myriad of other activities.

Working forward, there would be a small sink/fridge/yeti cabinet on one side, and a small lav cabinet on the other.  The lav cabinet will have a removable ottoman that can be sat on and also hides a potty that can be used in a pinch. Forward of that is the kid seats.

At night, the dinette table drops down and a cusion is placed on top, making a queen sized bed.  There would also be a large 4-point hammock that could be hung to hover above the queen, where the kids could nap.

There will be small storage areas above the cabinets and the kid seats, as well as one side of the dinette, if needed.

Most of this will be built out of wood, with no pre-made components. The theme we’re tossing around is ‘beach house’. All I can share is that we picked up some starfish knobs for the cabinets.

I have more details to share as the project progresses and will update you on future posts. As I’m sure there are more outstanding questions I can answer, so let me know what you want to know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Sprinter Design

  1. Nice. Would it be possible to put the kid seat centrally rather than behind the driver. Maybe a split bench that goes across and can be folded? Looks cool man. So stoked I met you. You are an inspiration

    1. Justin- that’s a great idea to consider. I’m not 100% on the position. I feel as if there needs to be a gap between the seat and the side of the vehicle but I’m not sure how big. I could put a cabinet there, or a surface, but any changes just make it incrementally more inconvenient to walk around it to the back. I’d hate to have to get out to get around the back seat. The standard crew van comes with a 3 person seat that forces someone to walk in the footwell to get around it. Not the experience I’m going for. I’ll have to do a separate poston seat positioning to work through it.

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