There’s a lot out there about soundproofing, sound dampening, and sound control.  I feel the best move was to invest a good deal of budget on soundproofing and get as close to 100% coverage as possible.  One thing that can exhaust me on a road trip is road noise.  While the noise wasn’t too bad with the van as an empty box, I still wanted it as quiet as possible.  Campgrounds can be noisy too, so rather than doing it half-way, I went all the way.  By “all the way”, I mean I pulled out the floor, headliner, driver’s floor mats, and layered in as much material in every crevice as I could possibly manage. The floor and wheel wells got covered. The only outstanding area I haven’t yet done is front door cavities, but they’ll get their turn soon.

I user Hushmat Extreme and purchased a full sprinter’s worth of material.  Because I cut out windows, I was destined to have some material left over. I used the extra material in the forward seating compartment, in the floor cavities, and doubled up in some places as well.  The following morning, I could already tell a difference on a test drive. Not only was it dramatically quieter, but there’s was also some noticeable insulation quality to it as well. From inside the van, placing your hand on bare metal offered a more extreme temperature than the surface of the Hushmat by at least 15-20 degrees. The material was easily to cut and form into the various shapes needed to fit in to all the crevices. The only real pain was working overhead for an extended period of time.  Anyway,  I’m very pleased with the results.

Also, I ordered a standard factory roof rail kit from eBay, at a discount, and installed it. It went very smoothly.  The caps covering the predrilled holes for the bolts popped off with a mallet and a screwdriver pretty easily. The rails just fell into place and were screwed in from below.  Bolts were coated in high strength thread locker to prevent me from having to tighten them again.