While the side windows are a pressure fit installation, the rear windows are a more traditional adhesive fit, like the windshield. So, I waited until a warm day to install the rear door windows.  The process is simple, cut out holes, lay down a bead of caulking, set window into place.

In practice, it was tedious. The door had a predefined whole area to cut but my jigsaw would not fit. I had to transfer that shape to the outside of the van and cut it from there.  To do this, I drilled a series of pilot holes every few inches around the perimeter and just connected them with the jigsaw from the other side. I covered the foot of the jigsaw with several layers of painter’s tape to avoid marring.

After prepping the surface, the bead of 3M WindoWeld was laid down heavily around the hole, and the window set into place. A bit of fiddling with them to lock in final fit was the most time-consuming aspect.

Lastly, I realized how hot the bulbs for the cargo lights were the other day. They burned a lot of power, and I opted to swap them out for red LEDs. They can burn all night without draining the battery, and they’ll allow visibility at night without disturbing one another.  I have other task lights and area lights in mind, so I don’t mind dedicating these lights to night mode. I’m a bit of a light-ist, you could say.

With the finished badge trim, it gives the rear of the van a great look.