One of the design elements I wanted in the Sprinter project was wraparound windows.  Starting out with an empty cargo van makes adding windows easy. Each window area can be cut out and the aftermarket windows mounted within the hole. I have to admit that cutting into a new van was a little intimidating.  Luckily, Cole from CaveVan was on-hand to guide me and offer insight. Cole builds these for a living and has no hesitation to pick up an air saw and buzz through these panels.  Once he showed me the ropes, the rest was rinse and repeat.

Each cut surface was treated with POR15 so the exposed metal wouldn’t rust. Two additional friends (Kartik and Jason) made this whole process a snap, though I can’t say my stress level was any lower for it.  Still, they cranked through a 6-window install with determination and enthusiasm.

Adding the windows is the most visible, expensive, and perfection-demanding aspect of this entire build. And rather than doing it last, the project demanded I do it first.  According to my standard measure, the install wasn’t perfect, but you couldn’t tell it.  If you look hard you’ll see some rounded screws and some interior trim that is flexed, but it’s all cosmetic and will get covered up anyway.

Two forward and two rear windows vent. The middle two are fixed.  The remaining windows that need to be installed are on the rear door and will be taken care of next week.